What are TikTok leggings called?


You may know them as the TikTok leggings or butt-scrunch leggings, but they're officially called the Seasum leggings.

This is the name of the brand that originally created the design, complete with the center seam and honeycomb fabric that lifts and shapes your booty.

Professional Butt Lifting Leggings For Women at Mooslover

Yoga pants became a thing in like 2008, and since then, leggings have continued to evolve. Now, we live in the era of butt-scrunch leggings.

Known as either butt-scrunch or booty-pop leggings, they appear frequently in a current Tik Tok trend where people surprise their partners while wearing the leggings to get a reaction. And yes, we are so deep into quarantine, I am up-to-date on all of the dumb Tik Tok trends.


Professional Butt Lifting Leggings For Women at Mooslover

Lifting and shaping your booty takes a lot of time and effort. Whether you’re a fan of squats, lunges, spin class, or classic cardio, there are many ways you can create an hourglass shape. However, wearing the right fit of clothing is an excellent alternative to showcase your stunning curves. These pants feature a ruched seam down the center, which gives the illusion of a tight and round behind. The popularity of this activewear hasn’t slowed down in recent years, and it’s easy to see why – they’re flattering, comfortable, and stylish. 


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lily said:

I like seamless leggings because i feel more fit to my shape. But the some scrunch of the leggings make me feel weird. I would love to find some butt lifting leggings with no weird scrunch.

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